Wildlife in Inks & Watercolours


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Poppies & Pods
Prinzessin Victoria Louise Poppy - Papaver orientalis (Detail)
Prinzessin Victoria Louise Poppy - Papaver orientalis 
Pansies - Viola tricolor hortensis
Amidst The Trees - A small watercolour painting.
When Love Was Wilder Than The Wind 

2013 Exhibition at The Brampton Museum

Cabinet of Curiosities, Room of Wonder…

12th January-10th March

"The museum will be recreating our very own ‘Room of Wonder’ featuring the weird and wonderful items the museum holds in its geology, ethnography and archaeology collections. 
This is a rare chance to see gruesome weapons, costumes from other cultures and mystery objects usually tucked away in the storerooms.

To compliment this collections exhibition, we will also be exhibiting contemporary art work, which explores the concept of Cabinets of Curiosity & Rooms of Wonder. Work which provoke a sense of curiosity and surprise, work which is slightly macabre and leaves the viewer with a slight sense of wonder and awe!”

Four of my pieces will be featured in this Exhibition, please stop by if you’re in the area! Hope to see you there! xxx

A Quilt of Honey Bees
Honeycomb illustration with Decorative Paper

holysaintrita asked: Do you remember the necklace with the 2 flies in them ? it's one of your older posts. I really really love that necklace and I was wondering if I could buy it from you ? :) x

Hello, thanks for your message! It was actually a tiny porcelain love heart trinket box & I don’t have it any more.  I made that piece a couple of years ago & I’ve since lost it.  I was sad to have lost it because it was such a lovely little keepsake. x

When the day is short & the nights are long.
The Woodland of Asio Otus
Autumn Fades
The Call Of Winter
Little Whiskers